Monday, April 2, 2012

my new job as wedding planner extraordinaire

Wedding planning has become my side job, and so far that is working out well. It gives me plenty to do on my days off! We chose our date first: November 24, 2012. That was easy because we needed it to be after harvest next fall for Ben's work schedule so we could get married and go on our honeymoon right after. Several family members are teachers, and since the wedding is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, people will have time off. Also, we both love Fall. The most incredible part about our "date" is that it is also my parents' wedding anniversary. They have an amazing relationship and we are lucky to have such a great example of love to look up to. We were able to choose our venue while in Boise after New Years, and picked the Linen Building... fell in love with it at first sight, and it is ideal since the ceremony will be upstairs in the art gallery, and the reception will be on the main floor reception center. I have always dreamed of a wedding reception with a live band, and ever since college, I've wanted that band to be The Fabulous Kingpins. Lucky for me, they were available so I booked them. Can't wait to dance the night away, and maybe play a tambourine! There is so much left to do. We are narrowing down a menu for the caterer and trying to figure out what wine to bring for a taste of our new Washington roots in Idaho. Yesterday Ben and I went to look at tuxedos. We found exactly what we were looking for and had them booked within an hour. The style and color won't even be available till August, so glad we don't need them till November! My man will look sharp :) Can't wait to marry him!!!

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  1. I think the next step is wedding favors... one tambourine for everyone! Can't wait - how fun Jenny!