Monday, April 16, 2012

the search continues

This past weekend, I headed to Boise to shop for a wedding dress. My mom, my soon-to-be sister, and my best friend accompanied me on the search. It was definitely fun to try on all the dresses. There were several that I liked pieces of, but wanted to change certain elements. We left empty handed. I really hope I find one soon! It's the only wedding item left that I need to secure... I did manage to get some other productive wedding items taken care of while in town. My brother and I tasted wedding cakes (DELICIOUS!), then picked out the flavors and design for mine. I also secured help from Bliss Events for my wedding planning (not much left there), design and coordination. I'm sure I mentioned this earlier, but wedding planning is almost a full time job. I'm excited to get some professional help in this department ;)

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